SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION OF GURU DR.RUPNATHJI ( DR.RUPAK NATH ).Dr.Rupnathji is a scholar who has earned the Master's Degree in Radiation Physics. Recipient of many medals and honours, He is at once a Physician, an astrophysicist and an applied mathematician. He is an author who has numerous publications, both technical and educational. He is a Professor and has been Distinguished Honors Visiting Lecturer at numerous universities throughout the World.Please see his Books.


2.BIONIC HUMAN 3.DAEVAS (HINDU GODS). Classification Gods (Extra-DimensionalsImmortals) 4.CyborgWeb[1] 5.kashyap[1] 6.cyborg-fem1[1] 7.CURSE SPECIALIST FAMOUS TRANSHUMANIST RISHI DURVASA 8.cyborg_texture[2] 9.glimay005[1] 10.The science of Mohini Vidhya can be traced to the Hindu Goddess Mohini Devi who is the only female manifestation of Vishnu, the Protective force out of the Hindu trinity of the Creator, the 11.ETWwG[1] 12. 13.Hindu Religious Sacred Lord Wallpapers - god krishna wallpapers[1] 14.PrimoPosthuman[1] 15.safe_image[1] 16.maijishan kasyapa a PERFECT TRANSHUMANist 17.Superior Transhumanist Lord Bramha Vishnu & Mahesh 18.PrimoPosthuman-100dip[2] 19.I meditate on lord Krishna, God of the Gods, to give me more intelligence 20.Transhuman[2] 21.vedas-top-img[1] 22.true-skin-short-film[1] 23.vm[1] 24.xlarge_104884-wall_e[1] 25.Dhanvantari, the physician to the gods in Hindu 26.god_particle_mgn[1] 27.The limitation of seeking the roots (Creator God) through science 28.the-real-evolution-of-social-networks[1] 29.Like Senators, Hindu gods can have multiple faces 30. 31.Like Senators, Hindu gods can have multiple faces-2 32.Trans-post-human2[1] 33. 34.evolution[2] 35.Hinduism & History & Happenings Agni Purana The Science of Fighting 36.Embracing-Our-Inner-Cyborg-1[2] 37.nrisimhadeva-b--nit-Prahlada[1] 38.BioDigital-Human-features-showcase[2] 39.In Hinduism, Shiva the Cosmic Dancer, is perhaps the most perfect personification of the dynamic universe. Through his dance, Shiva sustains the manifold phenomena in the world, 40.Lord Ram, Sita & Lakshman Reach Ayodhya on the Pushpak Viman 41.Lord Murugan – “The Hindu God of War”[2] 43.sati_savitri_she_defeated_the_death_of_god_and_idj563[1] 44.Lesson of time karma[2] 45.The basic plan of a Hindu temple is an expression of sacred geometry 46.scavcomp[1] 47.The Cosmic Dance of Shiva, supreme Hindu god of destruction and creation 48.vima3gk9[1] 49.Sagar_Manthan[1] 50 51.tnTyLm5aaFaPGWksK64aNnU5a[2] 52.gayatrimantra_chanting_effect_on_body[1] 53 54 55 56 Great_Indians-8[2] x.vedas[1] y z.samudra-manthan[1]